Some Feedback

As I mentioned in the PT post, one team of geocachers, Kablooey and Traveling Ladybug, participated the very first weekend after reading about it all the way up in the Bay Area. They hit ALL SIX CACHES (five on Saturday, and one on Sunday), and left really positive feedback at the geocaching website. Here’s what they had to say (text in italics and brackets is my notation):

Saturday at North Branch (Mission Theme):
13:47. Wow, this was kind of fun. Saw an article in the Contra Costa Times this morning and decided to drive down here (well, okay, we are heading to Newport anyway). Found the first part after reading the hint. Then wandered inside, not knowing what we were doing, but suddenly it all made sense, and we were able to grab the FTF! Hope to let my nephews use it!

Saturday at Rancho Los Alamitos (Native American Theme):

14:39. TLB [his geocaching partner, Traveling Ladybug] found both parts of this adventure. We had to turn down a couple offers of a tour before we were allowed to wander into the garden on our own. We already retrieved the FTF prize from #1; so we left it for the next visitors.

Saturday at Bayshore Branch (Pirate Theme):

15:34. This one stumped us, and we asked the librarian for help. She let us know that we were close, but wouldn’t tell us where the treasure was. [They did find it, eventually].

Saturday at Alamitos Branch (Spanish Theme):

16:05. Figuring out where to park was probably the hardest part. This was a well-done multi. We really liked it.

Saturday at El Dorado (Pueblo de Los Angeles Theme):

16:56. Barely got to this one while the library was still open. Had a routing failure. We still need #4 [Rancho Los Cerritos], but it’s not showing up on the website. Maybe we’ll try for it tomorrow. These multis are all very well done and fun to find. This one took us a little while to spot the second and final stages.

Sunday at Rancho Los Cerritos (Rancho Life Theme):
14:52. We signed in spots 1 & 2.
After we raved about our fun hunts yesterday, my nephew (“no name”) wanted to join us for the final hunt this afternoon. We almost got sucked into the garden tour, but when we found out that it was an hour long, we begged off and went out in search on our own. Then we thought we couldn’t find it. I even sent a distress message, but no name and I looked in a place that he had checked three times and I had checked twice, and on our sixth look, we spotted it! No name took a magnet, and we left the FTF prize, even though we forgot to bring ours to redeem today.

WOW! Pretty cool, eh? This feedback is nothing to sneeze at. I read Kablooey’s geocaching profile/statistics, and this guy is quite the expert geocacher (13,624 caches found & 126 owned), with a preference for “puzzle” caches, which are more complex than “traditional” caches (where it’s just the container hidden outside, no puzzles or additional clues or steps). So getting positive feedback from these people is pretty special.

Since then we’ve had a couple more serial cachers, a decent number of people finding individual caches, and all good feedback. I’m absolutely grateful to every geocacher, new or experienced, who has taken the time to go out and find our stuff, and also to each and every one of our friends and supporters who have helped to spread the word. We have only nine days left, including two Saturdays, so I’m really hoping that that last blog post by Eric at Groundspeak will give us the final “bump” that we need.

~ by Lulu on Thursday, March 22, 2012.

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